Network Vacuum Pump Selection

Choosing the right vacuum pump to support a local vacuum network involves balancing a number of considerations:

  • How many vacuum workstations will be on the network?
  • How many simultaneous users do you need to support?
  • Will the vacuum be used to support suction applications (like aspiration or filtration) or evaporative operations (like oven, evaporators, concentrators, etc.), or a combination?
  • Do you need an automated network or one that you plan to turn on and off manually as needed?
  • Will all of the vacuum ports on the network be in the same lab?

Once we have your answers to these questions, we can begin to help you configure a network that has the depth of vacuum and pumping speed to support your work. Should your needs change later, replacing the pump will permit you to adapt your network to new requirements.

How large is the lab vacuum network?
What depth of vacuum is needed:

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Compact Network Pump for Small Filtration Networks

PC3012 NT Vario

Network Pump for Larger, Fully Automated Evaporative Network