Lab Vacuum Port Selection

Considerations in choosing the right network vacuum ports

A VACUU•LAN® vacuum network relies on VACUUBRAND ports that are specially designed for local vacuum networks. The valves are equipped with check valves which isolate applications from the network when vacuum in the network is destabilized as ports are opened or closed. In combination with the PTFE tubing with which a VACUU•LAN® network is plumbed, they ensure that the small, quiet VACUUBRAND pumps that are specified for a VACUU•LAN® network provide sufficient vacuum capacity.

In selecting vacuum ports, considerations include the amount of control needed at each workstation, and how the ports will be mounted.

Our most popular options for workstation port control include:


Manual flow control (VCL 01)

This allows the user to open and close the vacuum port with a continuously adjustable manual diaphragm valve.


Manual flow control with shut-off (VCL02)

This option adds a ball valve for shut-off to the VCL 01 flow control valve, and is our most popular choice for VACUU•LAN® networks. The combination makes it easy to maintain a preset pumping speed when the valve is opened or closed.


Manual flow control with shut-off and gauge (VCL RKM)

This option adds a bourdon gauge to the VCL 02 port, so that quick readings and trend monitoring can be managed at the port.


Shut-off valve only (VCL K)

With this ball valve, you get quick opening or closing of the valve.



Manual flow control for exhaust hoods (VCL AR)

This valve consists of a manual flow-control valve for mounting outside of the hood, and a separate vacuum port for mounting inside.


Automatic control module (VCL-B10)

This option permits solenoid control of the port when used in conjunction with the VACUUBRAND CVC3000 vacuum controller or VNC2 controller.




Automatic control module for casework or fume-hood mounting (CVC3000/C3+VCL A)

This unit consists of an integrated controller, solenoid valve and check valve that can be installed in casework or a fume hood to provide fully programmable electronic control of vacuum applications from the VACUU•LAN®network port. Shown is front view, rear view and mounted appearance.

Also available as a portable module that can be attached with vacuum tubing to VACUU•LAN® network manual flow control ports. This makes it most convenient to move electronic control to any VACUU•LAN® port in your lab where it is needed.

Other options are available. Please speak with a VACUUBRAND representative.