Power Supply

A 120V, 60 Hz grounded outlet is needed adjacent to the pump. When the VACUU•LAN® network pump release on manual on/off control (as opposed to the demand-responsive automatic on/off performance of LAN or VARIO pumping systems), we suggest that the pump be plugged into a switch-actuated electrical outlet for convenience. The pump power switch is then left in the “on” position and the pump turned on with a convenient wall or bench or fume-hood-mounted switch. An indicator light operated by the switch will help remind lab staff to turn off the quiet-operating pumps when not in active use.

A double outlet is needed adjacent to the pump if the network pump emissions condenser is used with either tap water or electronic cooling. With tap-water cooling, one outlet is used for the pump itself; the other outlet is for the water solenoid valve (which switches off water to the emissions condenser when the pump is not in use). When using a Peltronic® electronic condenser, which uses no water or other external coolant, the second outlet is used to power the condenser with local line voltage.

Power supply is also needed in exhaust hoods and on benches to provide electricity at line voltages when electronically controlled vacuum ports are specified.

All electrical work is provided by the client or the client’s installation contractor.