Lab Vacuum for Chemistry

VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks can provide 1.5 torr vacuum at each point-of-use inlet, eliminate interference from nearby labs and are whisper quiet. Combined with their reliability and strong resistance to chemicals, VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks are a preferred vacuum solution in teaching, research and productions facilities.

Lab Vacuum for Chemistry

VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks provide the chemical resistance, flexibility and performance required to run multiple common vacuum processes found in laboratories. VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks connect a number of proprietary point-of-use vacuum ports to a compact dry laboratory vacuum pump. The VACUU·LAN® approach to lab vacuum allows a single pump to support multiple applications, such as rotavaps, ovens, distillation columns, or filtrations, with vacuum that is both deep and stable. The lab vacuum pump is sufficiently compact to fit under a lab bench or fume hood and quiet enough that it operates virtually undetected. Chemistry facilities benefit with more lab space, increase in equipment durability and the ability to run multiple applications on a single pump.

Chemical Resistance

VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks are designed utilizing chemistry-rated vacuum pumps constructed with fluoropolymer wetted materials and network tubing made from PTFE. The chemically resistant design allows for effective vapor evacuation of aggressive gasses. Watch this demonstration of the chemical resistance of PTFE compared to copper pipe, such as is used in most central vacuum systems.

Process Isolation

VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks reduce the potential downsides of a shared network. In conjunction with good laboratory practices, process isolation eliminates contamination that can occur from a traditional central vacuum system. VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks utilize check valves in the proprietary point-of-use turrets to ensure applications on the network do not contaminate or interfere with each other. VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks reduce exhaust points, allowing for solvent vapors to be collected and disposed of properly, which noticeably improve the air quality in the lab.

Multiple Application on a Single Vacuum Network

Applications from rotary evaporation, vacuum drying ovens, distillation to solid phase extraction all utilize vacuum but the specific level or depth vary for each process. While individual pumps for each application may not be possible, many of these processes can be supported by a single pump on a VACUU·LAN® local vacuum network.

When labs expand or require updating, VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks can easily adapt to support the needed growth. The modular design allows additional vacuum ports to be added and vacuum depth to be changed by simply adding or replacing pumps.

Vacuum Control

VACUUBRAND pumps with VARIO® control automatically adjust the pumping speed to the demand placed on the system by active vacuum applications, ensuring that deep and stable vacuum is always available. When multiple applications are run on a single network, each process can have its own dedicated controller. VACUUBRAND’s point-of-use vacuum controllers can be connected to any individual application on the VACUU-LAN® vacuum network using built-in ‘detect’ programming modes.

In addition to the benefits our VARIO® pumps provide when used as part of a VACUU·LAN® network, these pumps also offer unique benefits when used to support a single application, such as a rotary evaporator. When turned on, VARIO® pumps automatically detect the vapor pressure and continuously adjust vacuum to prevent bumping and foaming, which can result in sample loss. Please click the link to learn more of VACUUBRAND’s VARIO® technology.

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