Cell Culture Fluid Aspiration & Filtration System

Some laboratories only need modest lab vacuum supply to support a handful of applications such as cell culture aspiration and lab filtration procedures. If there are only a few application points within the lab with modest vacuum depths required then the VACUUBRAND BVC fluid aspiration and filtration system may be the most practical solution.

The VACUUBRAND BVC fluid aspiration and filtration system offers a flexible, integrated solution for safe, sensitive, and efficient aspiration of supernatants from multi-well plates, cell culture flasks, and Petri dishes. In addition, the BVC can support additional applications such as filtration at the same time. All this while providing process isolation from intra and inter-laboratory operations. BVC units provide high functionality, reliability and economy for modest lab vacuum supply applications within the lab.

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  • 6 Well Plate Aspiration
  • Media Aspiration Using the 8-Channel Manifold
  • Removing Cell Culture Media From Flask